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We have fishies!
Click to see full set of pictures.

We went to Skipton's Pet Center, and talked for about an hour to a knowledgeable fish person there: he advised us that with a starter tank, we should go with about 6 fish for a while to get the biomass in the tank up to snuff, after which we could move to add more fish.

We ended up going with two Rainbow Tetras edit: sunday_silence looked at the pictures and told me they are probably something like Australian Rainbowfish, not tetras, which I think is right, since we we didn't want to get less than 6 tetras and didn't want to start by overstocking the tank, two orangey Platies, and two catfish of some kind that I can't remember Edit: albino dwarf corydoras, from sunday_silence again :). We also got a nice little chunk of log, and a hardy plant to go along with it.

I love fish. Watching them is so fun.

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I love catfish, they're so cool. We used to have a fish tank at home, with some neon tetras, some zebra fish, occasional catfish or dalmatian molly. It lasted a surprising time after my parents decided to stop restocking it... some of the last remaining zebra fish ended up all bent and crooked like old men. :) Plus, at the end, there was an explosion of these tiny snails - started out with two or three that came with some plant we bought, and there must have been more than a hundred by the end.

I'm going to guess those are the two clear fish Jess wrote about, which means they're probably glass catfish. I really want some of those.

Unless they have fish that weren't in the Flickr photos, no glass cats (which is probably a good thing, since they're comparatively water quality-sensitive, I wouldn't cycle with them). I've always had this love/hate relationship with them -- I think they're fascinating, but oh G-d, I also find them creepy. :)


a bad job

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