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Watched 4 episodes of Heroes tonight. I was surprisingly impressed, and will probably go back and watch the rest of them.

Also was reminded how much I love walking around at 2AM in residential areas.

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It starts out impressive and then gets amazingly sucktastic, IMO.

Agreed. Excellent for the first few episodes because who doesn't like superheroes? Then, blah. Not terrible, but definitely not great.

Well, I watched episodes 11 -> 15, so it's possible I just like crap :)

I like it but all the hype is wearing me out. And it lacks a certain depth to the characters that I'd like to see, feels much more like reading a comic book than watching a TV show. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just not what I'm interested in when I'm watching TV. And all the hype, all the commercials the network runs, all the "better than the Second Coming!", it tends to turn me off - I never saw Gump because by the time it hit the theatres, I was totally sick of it.

Since it's so similar to the X-Men, I guess I was hoping for more character depth and buildup since it's TV show - more time to do that stuff than in a movie and it jumped into the action instead.

But I'm still watching - my favorite character is HRG, horn-rimmed glasses guy, partly because they did take the time to really build his character, gave him a lot of complexity and depth. And I like how they've handled his relationship with Claire. Peter and Nathan have also developed quite a lot over the season and gotten much more interesting than they (especially Peter) started out.

I never watch actual TV (other than Gilmore Girls or occasionally TNG reruns on G4), so I'd never heard what the show was until last night. (I knew it existed, and that people liked it, but nothing more.) So, perhaps that's helping me :)

I did notice that it is very comic book ike -- especially Hiro's character (who ends every scene with a face like 'WHA?', usually with some kind of "I'm confused" grunt, which amuses the hell out of me).

It's possible I just don't expect much out of my TV :)

It's possible I just don't expect much out of my TV :)

*grin* and that's a good thing sometimes!

Hiro is cool, I'm not sure where you are in the series so I don't want to spoil anything but there are some nifty plot twists with him - I think in the eps you haven't seen yet. Ando's cool too, I like him. Although the Japanese speech is annoying to me because I really hate *reading* TV and having to stop and stare at the text means I miss the actors' faces and action while trying to read the subtitles. Yes, it's more authentic that they speak Japanese but I'll trade some authenticity for English any time.

I love Heroes!

It is way to full of awesome. I am just a *teensy* too obsessed with it.

Okay, a lot too obsessed. But I blame it on the fact I think it's gotten better almost every week.

And I read the comments -- start at the beginning, stupid. :) It'll make a hell of a lot more sense. And you don't have the mystery of what the hell Sylar is, now! Because he was really mysterious at the beginning. He was just someone you never saw except in shadows who appeared to like brains.

I totally had a dream last night that I had Peter's powers :)

And there were lots of people flying around in the air Mary Poppins style with yellow umbrellas...

I think I watched too many eps yesterday.

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