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Cleaned up my bike yesterday, and finally took it to Cambridge Bicycle, to get it tuned up. Haven't ridden it for more than a year -- I'm looking forward to being able to bike around Cambridge. Will let me get to/from work quicker, which is what I'm most looking forward to -- though I'm not looking forward to trying to find a place to park a bike near Mass Ave where it won't be visible by hundreds of passerby everyday...

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Having a bike in your neck of Boston is not going to be easy. The guy I dated a few years ago from Davis Square had his bike stolen at least monthly, hed buy a new one from the pawn guy and the cycle would start again. It was really really horrible how much money he invested in keeping himself in a bike to get to and from Northeastern every day.

Will work let you bring it into the office anywhere???

I have a coworker who rides to work every day, as does my boss, and neither of them has had any problems in the 1.5 years we've been at the current office. Granted, we basically have cops driving by every 30 minutes -- either to chat with the taxi cabs across the street, or to give tickets to the people parked illegally -- so it's a kind of special situation. Still, I'm willing to go with it. My bike is special to me, but in general, it's not really 'top of the line' -- it's an 8 year old mountain bike, nothing too special.

Ahh, that does make quite a bit of difference then - and I'd take advantage of being able to use it too! the weather is AMAZING!

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