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Avoiding Internet Results in Less Internet Related Time Wasting
I closed my computer on Friday evening.

I just opened it.

As a result, I spent 15 minutes catching up anything that actually required my attention in email (There wasn't anything, other than an email from Jess.)

This is instead of the 6 hours I'd probably spent dealing with the crap yesterday.

Hm, not being on the internet results in less internet related time wasting. I think I've got a dissertation topic there!

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Teen Sex Linked To Drugs And Alcohol, Reports Center For Figuring Out Really Obvious Things

"Among the center's most notable non-discoveries are the 1974 determination that cars contribute to urban smog, the 1981 conclusion that taking the stairs burns more calories than taking the elevator, and the landmark 1997 finding that infidelity causes friction in marriages."

(Deleted comment)
I'm much like him, actually: that's the reason that I'm trying to put the computer down. Recently, I've found myself getting frustrated at many of the people that come to me looking for help -- so much so that I've found I'm more often frustrated by help requests than interested by them. The end result is that if I try to help people, I often end up getting upset at them, and that's just not a good place to be.

So, I need to step back -- there were a lot of emails and other crap that I probably *could* have gotten involved in, unanswered questions I could have answered on IRC -- but almost none of them are things that only I can answer. if people didn't get answers to them, then they should rephrase and try again in a way more in line with How to Ask Smart Questions -- and then I waste less of my time pulling information out of them.

It's a really hard lesson to learn, but looking at my behavior over the past couple weeks, I really have to learn it, because otherwise, I'm just going to continue to snap at people, and that doesn't help anyone, least of all me.

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