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Beating Mario
I did beat Mario yesterday, but not without warping yet. My first run through resulted in dying at world 7-4, so I decided to just run through and do what I could as quickly as possible, and I beat the game that time. I then went back (in the 'second quest', as it were) and started at level 5, and I was able to make it all the way through and beat the game again.

So, in total, I went from 1-7, then 1.5, 4.5, 8, then 5-8. Which still means I didn't really beat it all the way through, but shhh.

I was in a crappy mood all day. Not enough food, not enough sleep, not enough doing what I want. I think that finally got fixed around 2:30 AM after I had some sugar (soda) and hacked with Schuyler and Shekhar for a while.

Hopefully today is better.

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Reminds me - I met Lise from Metacarta yesterday and she had good things to say about you. Chris Schmidt - Tech Genius. No surprise there ;)

just for the record, my business cards do say Boy Genius :) Where'd you meet Lise?

Right - was trying not to sound patronizing. A mutual friend came to town so we all (lj user="wkdelong"> included) had lunch over at Grasshopper in Allston.

Kinda funny since I've never met you, Jess and the girls in person ;)

Ahh. I'm actually proud of my Boy Genius title :)

I love Grasshopper. I've had food from there twice, and I couldn't have more nice things to say about it.

Yeah, I poked through the Coconut Curried Squid and it rocked. The little man took out almost 2 full bowls of Edamame. Of course, being 2.5 there was quite a bit of diving to the floor for stray bullets.

Aww, I love you too, hun.

Speaking of which -- you sent me an email about hosting that I realized late last night I never responded to :/ Are you still looking for something?

Hm. "Hun" sounded better in my head than in writing. Just pretend that I said "Kiddo", instead of calling you Atilla the Hun or some such. (ASHLEY THE HUN: BEWARE THE MANATEE.)

Hon oft works better. hehehe ;)

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