Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

New LJ client

Jess mentioned recently that she was sad that I had stopped using LiveJournal. I hadn't consciously done this, of course: the biggest reason I had stopped posting was because for a long time, the web client simply wouldn't let me type in a subject, because the update.bml page doesn't work in Lynx anymore.

Recently, I've changed schemes, as you can tell from the fact that I posted 9 times in April so far, compared to two in March.

However, it's still really not good enough: I'd like to be posting every day, either on my behalf, on Julie's behalf, or in one of my technical bloggy things. (I've done better in tech stuff than personal stuff for a while, because personal stuff just hasn't been all that great.)

So, I'm trying out Deepest Sender, which is actually a lot cleaner than it was the last time I tried it. If I leave this open in the sidebar of my browser, I'll have a constant reminder to post (since I live in a browser about 12 hours a day). Who knows if it will affect me, but there it is.

It also posts to wordpress, so I may actually end up posting more to things like the OpenLayers Blog as a result.

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