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Feeeed meeeee
I'm hungry. What should I eat?

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Spaghetti! with a nice salad and some garlic bread!

Hm, sounds great, but failed the 'good and fast' rule :) (The fast food place around the corner does it fast, but it's greasy and not tasty.)

I always keep spaghetti fixings in the house so it always fits my good and fast rule. :) Or if I am out of ingredients, the best Italian restaurant in town has their own quick, take-out place and it's just around the corner.

Or PB&J! A Brit on my flist had a discussion about how to make a PB&J sandwich last night since she'd never had one before but wanted to try one.

The children?

Wait, save them until after the wedding, the relatives might get angry.

Not home this weekend. Also, I *like* children :p

Sandwiches from Hi-Rise! Hyoun and I went there and picked up sandwiches for a picnic in Danehy Park this afternoon :) On the expensive side ($8-10/sandwich), but absolutely worth it for a treat.

Interesting. I think we might have had lunch in from there at work a couple times. Part of the problem was:
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  • Sleepy+Didn't feel like going anywhere

i just had toast with nutella.

I've never had nutella.

Food! Though this comment is slightly late, and I think you fell asleep shortly after posting this anyway. Had I not been totally Zelda-obsessed, I would've made you something. It didn't even occur to me to offer when you said you were hungry. :(

You were in Zelda Land :) I don't mind. You want to come by and do dinner tonight? Kids are coming back and Jay isn't staying for food tonight. (I don't know what Jess's plans are yet, of coures.)

(Deleted comment)
Sounds tasty. Did you make them at home, or go out somewhere?

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