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Okay, so I haven't used LiveJournal much lately. Part of the reason for this is entirely technical: the update.bml page doesn't work in Firefox in the Lynx scheme, so I always get there, try to type in a subject, fail, and then move on with life.

However, a large part of it for a while was just that I didn't have the energy. For just shy of a couple months, Jess was having a really bad go of things, so I barely had the energy to keep up with the rest of my life, much less post to LiveJournal.

Now both of those excuses have gone away, so here I am!

Not much in my life is interesting, I realize, as I sit here, watching the cursor blink blink blink at me. I'm working a lot -- some fun stuff, some less fun stuff -- and playing with maps, as always.

I've lost my cell phone, I think for good: it was missing for a couple days, and then that couple days grew into a week, and I think now I'm going on two. I should probably call T-Mobile and see if I'm eligible for a new one, and just get a cheapo phone instead of a fancy 6600 or something similar, but I would really prefer to just find my phone. I suppose if I find it, I can always just swap the SIM from the new one to my old one.

Jess and I went out with an old high school friend of hers last night: we went to Veggie Planet, bummed around in The Garage for a bit, first at Tokyo Kid, then at Starbucks, and headed back here to play some Wii Play.

I went to the office and hacked with Schuyler and Shekhar on the Mumbai Freemap, as well as getting the MetaCarta Labs OpenStreetMap map set back up with some new hardware from OSGeo.

This week, I should be working on some fun stuff at work with Schuyler, so I'm looking forward to that.

Girls are gone this weekend -- it's so very quiet. I can hear the aquarium bubbling.

Speaking of which, we have an aquarium now. No fish yet. Soon, soon.

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