Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Things I did this Afternoon

Things I did this afternoon while Jess was out at the mall
  • Folded and put away all laundry (3 baskets)
  • Collected and started one final load of laundry
  • Made dinner, cleaned up making-dinner-dishes, cleaned up eating-dinner-dishes
  • Cleaned off table
  • Cleaned off Stove
  • Cleaned off counters
  • Tidied bathroom
  • Filled all humidifiers
  • Cleaned up living room
  • Made bed
  • Put tacks into base boards to hold the phone wire (to modem), which had previously been loose, close to wall.
  • Put away extra boots/shoes not being used at the moment
  • Put together Alicia's lunch for tomorrow
  • Laid out PJs for the girls for tonight

Earlier today I also installed blinds in Alicia's room, which I'd been putting off for weeks, and finished the laundry (which I described as being folded and put away above).

Most of this stuff is really small, but the end result is that the house is clean, things are prepared for tomorrow, and life tomorrow morning will be easier.

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