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One of the neat things about the Wii is te Virtual Console, which lets you download old-school games -- NES, Sega, SNES, N64, TurboGrafx-16, etc. -- and play them on the Wii. This essentially turns your Wii into a $250 NES -- minus the need to blow in the cartridges to get them to work.

One of the games that is available is The Legend of Zelda. (Additionally, there's the SNES "A Link to the Past", and tomorrow, Ocarina of Time is slated to be released.) This is one of the games I loved but never got to play as a kid -- we never had the game, but a friend of mine did. Unfortunately, said friend was great at playing and taking advice, but not so good at sharing controller time, so although I've seen almost every part of the game, I've never played much of it.

However, we bought it for the Virtual Console, and since yesterday, I've been having great fun playing it. I just got the Magical Sword, and have beaten the first 5 dungeons. (In Twilight Princess, on the other hand, we've only beaten the Goron Mines, which are the second dungeon, I believe.)

I love the Zeldas. I don't know why I always had such an aversion to Nintendo -- since the NES, I haven't bought another Nintendo console. I think that was a mistake. The NES was awesome sauce, but the SNES, N64, and Gamecube were awesome too, and I ignored them in favor of Sega, and later on, Playstation.

The Wii is a totally different experience, but the $5 throwbacks to the past are still totally great. (And for the NES games, you can play wirelessly... No more tripping over cables! Huzzah!)

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I adore the virtual console. I plan on getting Ocarina tomorrow, and we've downloaded the mario games and the sonic games.
We had several nintendo consoles. Actually, the only one we never owned was the SuperNES. We also had the Sega consoles, and eventually, we settled on the Playstation platform. We had a gamecube, which influenced our decision to go with the wii, so we could play our favorite GC games.
We love our wii. I really should fire it up and find our friend code, shouldn't I?

Pick up a Gamecube wavebird controller and you can play everything but Turbographx games wirelessly, it's much nicer than the Classic Controller, IMO.

We have a program on our computer called NESTER. Nick downloaded it so he could play old NES games. I think he seriously has about 80% of the games ever released for the NES.

We bought an N64 from a friend of his a few weeks back. I got into playing Paper Mario but Nick's gotten into one of the Zelda/Link games. Ahhh, nerdlove.

makes me want a Wii :P

i know i'm in the minority on this, but adventures of link has always been my favorite of the series

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