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Sunday night, I went over to ursamajor's house to play Wii for a while. The girls were with grandparents, I didn't have any work, etc. I got there around 8pm...

... and left around 5am, after playing my way through 75% of Trauma Center, playing hours of Tennis and Boxing, and trying out Rayman for a while.

Jess had been planning to get me a Wii for my birthday. However, after that, I didn't have the patience to wait anymore, so I've been constantly refreshing the Target "search for a Wii" page: http://crayz.org/target_wii.php?zip=02139 for my area.

Today, three lit up green. Two of them that I called said they didn't have one, but the third said yes, and off I went.

I'm now the proud owner of Wii number 0110 5037 5079 5076 :)

Add me! And then let me know your number :) (or where to find it.)


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(Deleted comment)
1) YAY WII!!
2) Trauma Center is like a hundred times better on the DS.

(Deleted comment)
This entry is so um... 8 months ago, but I just got a Wii so I figured I'd comment!

2618 5960 7417 2193

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