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Amusing Photo Usage
The first week I got my camera, I spent a lot of time taking pictures of random crap while I was in Illinois. At one point, I went to the DMV and took a couple pictures, just playing with the camera. Among them was this photo, taken at the DMV. The other day, doing a technorati search for pages linking to my weblog, I stumbled across this Wired Blog Article, which gives photo credit to me: The photo in question is a copy of the one I took at the DMV.

So, someone stumbled across one of my random photos and used it in an article about RealID.

Regardless of the content of the article, that's pretty cool. Though it reinforces my desire for a notification-requirement only license.

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Wow, that's pretty funny. I'm not sure if it says more about their laziness or your photographic abilities, though. Probably both.

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