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Jabber Comments
So, a long time ago, I signed up for comments to be delivered to me over Jabber. For the first couple times I tried it, it worked, but then it seemed to stop.

Well, this morning, it started working again, and I just wanted to mention that I think it's a fucking cool feature. I don't know what screwed it up before, but I'm glad to see it working again now.

Hm. I suppose I could go update to the 1.0 of Adium now that it's out. I had downloaded a beta while ago, but it eventually made it so that I couldn't sign onto AIM. That was annoying.

There we go. Now I can see people's LJ icons again, woot.

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I'm liking Adium 1.0 a lot. They fixed a lot of little annoying UI issues and made some nice improvements.

(I just wish it'd do AV. I know the developers have neclared that it Never Will, but...)

I think the biggest thing that is helpful to me is having an indicator in the menubar icon that I'm away. My biggest mistake is going away and then forgetting I'm away. When I dropped back from 1.0 to .89 or whatever when I was having the OSCAR problems, I missed that a lot.

Other than the user icons thing (loading of user icons from LJ for LJTalk/Jabber) and the away message thing though, I haven't really noticed any differences. Anything I should look out for, or if I'm not noticing it, I wouldn't have missed it?

A few really nice improvements:

* The text entry box is no longer a fixed user-defined size. It grows as you type.
* The history/logging window UI is totally redone and search speeds are now, as far as I can tell, instantaneous.
* In an IM window, you'll notice the icon for your default browser in the menu bar. Clicking this link will result in a link to whatever your currently active tab is being pasted into the text entry box. So if you want to send people whatever you're looking at you don't need to c&p, just hit that button.
* Growl integration now shows the user's icon in buddy signon/signoff notifications instead of the service icon.
* Better plugin management.

Keep your 1.0 beta around in case you run into new UI issues with the release 1.0. A few of those in my contact list are showing up blank since I updated, and I'm awaiting a fix.

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