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Who are you?
Some of you reading this have never introduced yourselves in any way. I'd like to know who you are. If you have never commented, and you're reading this, comment and tell me why! If you're reading this and I do know who you are, comment and tell me something that I don't know about you.

I'm especially interested in anyone who I don't list on my friends list, since it probably means I don't know you. (Or possibly that I just don't like you. Though that's relatively unlikely: I don't think there's more than a handful of people on LiveJournal who I actively dislike.)

So. Introduce yourself! Say something! Tell me who you are, or where you are, or what you are, or something that I might not already know!

I guess I'll pop in here as well.
I'm Roseann, formerly puddleduckme. I know you from knowing Jess. Jess and I were pregnant at the same time, and we got to know each other via the misc.kids/misc.kids.breastfeeding community. She is the reason most of us hopped onto LJ, so we could keep in touch.

I'm in Ohio, but not from Ohio, and I'm a Colts! fan.

I'm Ashley, and I want to sniff your braaaaanes.

Wait, this isn't for me.

Sure it is! There are dozens or hundreds of things I probably don't know about you. Some of them are obviously not things you'd want to share here, but some of them surely are!

For example, I could share that you're one of the many support people that I had a crush on for a long time. Or that I love your hair. Or that you are just generally awesome, etc.

Hm, things you don't know about me.

Did you know that I hate shopping? I mean really hate it. I usually only last about 10 minutes before I start asking if we can go home yet.

I didn't know that! I am a decent person to go shopping with, though I think I'm really bad at it. I can wander around a store for hours contentedly, but I suck at actually buying anything.

There's probably several dozen things I don't know about you. For example, I know you as Kake, but you go by nou. I know that you have some kind of relationshipy thing with rjw1, but not one that I understand. etc.

I'm pretty sure I met you solely through OpenGuides stuff, but then I see that I have a second link to you (through pne, who I know through support).

Well, I don't normally read your journal, though sometimes I poke my nose over because we used to friend each other and I still friend Jess. But today this post popped up on my friendsfriends so I thought I'd say hi. So, hi! Hope you're doing well.

Hi! I am doing relatively well, though a bit crazy sometimes. The kids and Jess are wonderful, and I love living in Cambridge. I've also grown up a lot since we last talked, I expect, so I think that I have a bit more maturity than I used to. All in all, I'd say life is pretty good.

You know me, since I'm about to be your wife.

Tell me something that I don't know about you.
When I was about Ali's age, my mom sent me out to play on a day school was cancelled. It was a huge snowstorm with ice on top. I went over to the park to sled, and then I tried to sled down the hill out back.

I fell down the incline to the river, and because of the fact I was wearing kids' boots with no grip, I couldn't climb back up, it was too steep and too slick.

I stayed in the shallow edge of the river for over an hour, and it's a testament to L.L. Bean snowsuits that I didn't need medical treatment.

The man who saved me was named Charlie Ritch, and he came and got me using ropes to rescue me. He delivered me to my mother, who was horrified.

When he was sick five or so years later, I visited him in the hospital. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend his funeral when he died, when I was about 18.

I haven't commented under this name, though you used to know me as aiobheil. You were one of the folks I didn't drop with the name change. ;) We didn't interact often because I don't interact often with anyone -- I kinda like being the lurker in the corner or something.

Ah, I see! Yeah, I didn't realize that you were the same person. (Or if I knew it, I forgot.) You're actually one of the people that I was always curious how I actually ran into: I don't remember you doing support at all, and I seem to remember some weird connection, but I don't know where/when/how it happened.

Hm... something you don't know about me? But there's so much!

I guess I'll go with the I'm a DJ now thing.

Ah, so can I blame you for the seisue you induced? :) (The page in question had a banner ad at the top: specifically: (seisure warning!) This one.)

That's cool though. How's DJing working out for you? Lots of hot chicks like DJs, right? :)


Hmmm, one thing you don't know about me. I guess I'll pick something relevant: after a three year hiatus from Python, mostly working in Prolog, I've gone back to Python.

It's amazing how slowly a rapidly-changing world changes.

Ha ha, I met up with you in FAP chat YEARS ago. I still read. I think it's pretty cool all the stuff you have gone through. W00t W00t.

I'm currently living in Erie Pa, and I have a live in boyfriend.


Hi, I'm alice ttlg and we first met on LJ years ago, not long after I got one, you were still working LJ support then and going to UIUC and you helped me with some tech problem I had at the time and I friended you cause I like geeky people and I had a friend working at UIUC then which I thought was an interesting six degrees thing.

Something about me....well, I love to shop! I love to buy shiny new tech things, put me in a computer store and I'm happy for hours, same thing with a book store or an office supply store.

And I love to play card games, spades, rummy, gin, solitaire, I used to play for hours back when I was in HS long before computers, although I play on the PC almost exclusively now.

I'm Dan - A five foot ten inch ape-descendant in Washington, DC. I'm not sure how we ended up on each other's friends lists, but that's the way it goes, right?

Uh, something you might not already know... is the fact that a blue whale's tongue is approximately the size of a Volkswagon Beetle. Or did you already know that?

Actually, you're one of the people who I *do* know the reason for: when I first moved to Cambridge, one of my roommates was meeting people through Craigslist, I think. You were one of the people who responded to one of her posts, iirc, and she mentioned your LiveJournal to me.

At the time, as I remember, you were applying to Law School, and being the legal voyeur that I was, I was interested in your opinions/thoughts, and the process, so I added you as a friend.

I didn't know that! that's pretty awesome. Is that a New Beetle or an old Beetle? I like the old one better, but I wouldn't want to own one. Too much maintenance headache.

I think that they're really about th same size, so the question is moot. But that's still really cool.

Hi, my name is... What? My name is... Who? My name is...

Zach Hauri.

You know me already, so here's something you might not know, I was born a month post-maturely.

Well, I'm me. Of course, one hopes that I know who I am; so that's a good start. Otherwise, you know me through support - which is where I know 95% of my friends list through, though many of those people are no longer having public journals, so I don't know about them anymore.

Anyway, you wanted to know about me: I still live in the Chicago area, not too far away from St. Charles, and I'm a tech type like you. Well, not as much - you do all the programming and such and then some, and I'm more hardware/software configuration & design. That, and I live vicariously through my friends list - cause you all have more interesting lives than I do. Which is why I need more friends making posts. :)

Something you don't know about me: After swearing it off, I'm starting to seriously consider applying to grad schools. (This started yesterday.) Also, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and that scares me.

I am a friend of Jessica's from back in her usenet days. I used to go by supereeyore. I'm in Nor California, and I have two girls almost the same age as your household's.