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Goooo Bears
I'll be cheering for the Bears today. Unfortunately, I don't think I have any friends who are from Indiana to talk trash to... Too bad the Pats didn't make it.

Goooo Bears!

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Don't have to be from Indy to root for the Colts!

GOOOOO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bears are gonna super-bowl shuffle alllll over the Colts. Just watch :)

I'll be watching...

but I suck at trash talk.

Heh. I'm pretty bad at it too, and it's obviously a lot harder via LiveJournal comments.

Do I know you? I don't recognize your username... Ah, looks like you might know me through Jess. Hi! I'm Chris.

I used to be puddleduckme. I know Jess from being pregnant and on the circuit.
I'm Roseann.

My first reaction to that is to think of the TV show Rosanne, which leads me to think of a recent entry on class level in sitcoms, which leads me to want to watch Seinfeld. I think that this is my brain being slightly crazy.

Excellent link.
I've noticed the class thing, many times, and it's one of the reasons I no longer watch sitcoms, of any kind. I haven't actively watched one since Rosanne was on the air, originally.
On one hand, I'm glad that show is off, because I haven't gotten compared to it in at least 6 years or so, and on the other, I'm sad because it described my childhood, financially, almost to a T.

Hey well... I can talk trash to enough Indiana fans for the both of us. Living in Bloomington, IN during the Super Bowl is a bitch.

Oh, and if I had a quarter for every person who refused to talk to me today because I was wearing a Bears jersey... ;)

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