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Jess and I have significant disagreements as to how long sheets can remain on the bed before they need to be changed. She feels that sheets should be changed weekly, and that when you get to two weeks you are being negligent in your sheet changing duties.

I, on the other hand, grew up with a mother who believed that changing the sheets once a month was fine.

When I was living on my own, I changed them once every two months or so... but I realize that was pushing the limits of stinkiness, etc.

(Yes, using LJ Polls to resolve relationship conflicts is a bad idea. I'm just full of bad ideas.)

Poll #902178 Bed Sheets

How often do you change the sheets on your bed?

Less often than monthly
Only on special occassions

If less often than monthly, explain?

Forgot to say: I change them when I can be bothered, which roughly translates into every couple of months.

Heh. That's about what my schedule was like when I was in college.

Also when my guest bedroom has a bed (currently it doesn't), it has no sheets unless company is arriving that or the next day. Only a comforter or bedspread and dust ruffle. I put sheets on only when company comes.

I also buy new pillows every few months (somewhere around 4-6, depending on when the ones I like are on sale).

Jess buys new pillows when ours get too flat. I appreciate this, because when I was growing up, I typically had to use multiple pillows -- 3 or 4 -- and then fold them up so that I could get something that was actually comfortable to sleep on.

I never understood the idea of fluffy pillows before living with her.

It ought to be more often than monthly though, especially as I have dust-related allergies. Ideally no more than every couple of weeks but somehow we never find the right tuit.


I've got lots of square ones, if those would help... ;)

I change my bedclothes every six weeks or so, *but* I sleep in a night dress (with pyjama trousers at this time of year) and I change my bed clothes once a week. I'm lazy; I'd rather wash my clothes than the bed linen 'cos it's such a hassle to wash. If you're sleeping without clothes then I'd say the bed linen should be changed every week or fortnight at the most.

Weekly is the longest I'll go without changing them. The bed is the #1 culprit for dust mites, which produce allergens and irritants. Everything on my bed, including the stuffed cat (which I really shouldn't have) gets at least a weekly ride in the dryer. The comforter gets washed every month and beaten out over the deck railing every week. I have a quilted cover over my mattress that gets washed, like the sheets, in very hot water and run through a hot dryer every week.

The irritation from dust mites lasts (seriously, this is awful) a minimum of thirty days. So if someone sensitive to, or allergic to, dust mite irritants is exposed (and if you have any kind of respiratory or sinus issues, you ARE at risk), it will take THIRTY DAYS of no exposure at all to get that irritation to subside. To continue exposure, causing irritation that then makes one further vulnerable to irritants, is asking for trouble.

It's not a matter of 'gross' or not, it's a matter of not wheezing, coughing, not having sleep apnea, and not horking up blood and mucus just for fun.

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What kind of college does that? It seems somewhat antithesis to what college is to many people I know: learning how to live on one's own.

"Jess and I have significant disagreements as to how long sheets can remain on the bed..."

You may not agree with her, but the idea that any such disagreement should be "significant" is just, well, silly.

Clean bedsheets straight out of the dryer are a wonderful thing. Let her change 'em whenever she wants to... ;-)

Let her change 'em whenever she wants to... ;-)

This is one of the rules we use in our marriage -- whoever cares more about something is responsible for doing it. So if she cares more about the clean sheets, let her change them -- it certainly doesn't do you any harm. :-)

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So, week- 10days here. I grew up with strictly weekly linen changing, in part because of the dust/allergies deal. I got lazier during college, but am back to that at this point.

part of the argument my mother (the home ec. junkie) always used is that fibers (linens and clothing) will break down from repeated lengthy exposure to sweat, etc, so washing them more often actually will extend their lifespan.

Once a week is pretty good to get rid of dust mites and other waste products. It is also prudent to change sheets if a new sex partner is coming to the bed.

Yeah, that was the 'special occasions' option in the poll :) Oftentimes, it is prudent to change them after as well, depending on the results of the person coming over... ;)

I voted monthly. I probably ought to do it more often, but basically I do it when the sheets start to bug me, which is after about a month. Of course if they actually get dirty, I change them more often.

I used to go bi-weekly when I was still bringing my(bed) laundry to my parents, but now I take them to the laundry-cleaning-store. I've figured that once a month is good, and it's twice as cheap ;)

At the start of my lice problems, it was daily, heh. After a week I couldn't take it anymore (not to mention we were running short on available sheets) and downgraded to every other. But those are extenuating circumstances. Usually it's more like once every two months or less, especially at my apartment where I'm there like half the time. I will probably be finding a more frequent but not inconvenient interval (since I haul my laundry home to do) in the future because I'll be paranoid about lingering infestations or something.

I got stuck watching Oprah once with the family, it was a special on bed nastyness and things of that nature. Ever since, I've pretty much religiously changed my sheets weekly, and bought new pillows every few (read: 4-6) months.

I try to change the sheets about monthly. I only do laundry once every two weeks anyway (and yes, I can get away with that--I have an ungodly number of both underwear and socks) so about every-other laundry day is sheet-change day. If I forget and go longer, I don't worry about it. But I also don't have any allergies, I sleep alone, and wear clean pajamas every night. When I was sleeping with someone, I changed them more frequently, and almost always washed them after sex.

Absolutely at least once a week assuming you sleep in pajamas. If for some reason you can't afford pajamas and you sleep in the buff then the sheets need changing every day.

I knew a kid in college who went a whole semester and never changed his sheets. They looked like the Shroud of Turin.


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