Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Life this week

This week, my old college roommate y3t39 came out to Cambridge. He showed up last Saturday, and left yesterday.

Things we did:
  • Walked the Freedom Trail, start to finish.
  • Ate at Union Oyster House
  • Visited the USS Cassin Young (the Constitution was closed)
  • Ate breakfast at Zaftig's
  • Toured Harvard Square
  • Toured MetaCarta
  • Walked around Central Square
Things Pete did:
  • First Night, in Boston
  • Toured MIT
  • Drink at the Plough and Stars

All in all, I think that he got a good taste of Boston/Cambridge considering how long he was here and how busy we were. Other things which kept us busy:
  • Julie has some kind of undetermined bacterial infection that was giving her fevers of 105 (again). She's on antibiotics for it now.
  • School starting again for Julie and Alicia
  • A giant snafu with my web hosting provider/server which sucked up about 2 days of my brain cycles.

Things I did not do:
  • Celebrate New Years in any particularly exciting fashion.
  • Sleep.
  • Make new years resolutions.
  • Make long thoughtful reflective posts about the past year.

I need some new userpics. I suppose this one will do for how I feel about this week -- stretched in 15 different directions.
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