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Contact Info
My contact info in my cell phone is *horribly* out of date. Since I'm playing with my iPod, I checked the contact info box then went "Wait. That's pointless."

So, I want to make it less pointless. I want to know your cell phone number or other phone number I can reach you at. I want to know if I can send you text messages when I'm bored. I want to know anything else you want to tell me. So tell me something -- fill out the poll!

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(Deleted comment)
Good point. I didn't think about it.

And yes, the ipods with a display have:
* Calendar
* Contact List
* Notes
* Games
* Stopwatch

Some of these are useful. some are not.

(Deleted comment)
Don't know, in particular, but I'm just a data and interface dork, so I like saving data in 17 million different interfaces even though it doesn't help me any. :)

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