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new mattress!
we have a new mattress! it was delivered this morning. (Jess's parents gift to us.) It came with a fweebles sheep!

It is quite tall. about 6-8 inches taller than the old mattress. And so quiet. I like it.

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We had our new mattress delivered this morning also and remarkably it was a gift from my wife's parents for Christmas. Sounds like you got the California King.

I wonder if there is some sort of parental conspiracy going around.


I now realize that when you say taller you probably mean higher. In GPS terms your new bed has a larger elevation value rather than a different longitude or latitude.


(Deleted comment)
You couldn't sit down on our bed without it creaking before. Regardless of what may have happened after I posted, I could tell it was quiet without stating anything I wouldn't be willing to tell my grandmother.

You pervert. :p

Chris, if I hadn't been hacking up a lung and desperate to go back to sleep, you would have already tried out that capability.

Can I borrow it? Our mattress sucks.

Webdesigners help


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