Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

society? who are they?

Things of interest:
  • I've recently aquired a Nokia 770 to help with a project a friend is doing. Damn, but I want one now.
  • A new OpenStreetMap Map has been taking a lot of my freetime lately.
  • Work has been keeping me busy with a lot of stuff I don't want to be doing lately. Hopefully this should be coming to a close as I hand a really annoying project off on to better qualified people to carry it over the finish line.
  • I have been antisocial since I got back from Illinois. A combination of a million factors has led to me basically curling up in a ball and attempting to reach zero stimuli in the evenings. At some point soon that should swing away. I miss a fair number of my local friends, and would like to see them. Not sure what to do about that, since I have two kids I need to parent relatively constantly :p
  • I owe camieal a big thanks: she came over and did an hour of babysitting at a time I really needed to get Jess out of bed for an hour, and in the process folded and put away all our laundry. Lifesaver, I tell ya.
  • I wrote my first vim folding plugin today. I can't believe both how easy it is, and how much help it offers. When working with map descriptions, I'm almost always editing multi-hundred line declarative files, telling the map renderer what color to draw things of this type or that type, etc. Being able to collect all the rules for rendering roads up so that instead of 170 lines, I'm looking at 12 sets of 10 all folded up nicely is quite neat.

I haven't been writing much lately as part of the 'avoiding social interactions at all costs'. Hopefully this will change soon.

Happy December, everyone.

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