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Jess cleaned up the last of our moving boxes this weekend, and I just cleaned up the floor of the dining room from the crap left over from that. It's the first time I've seen that much floor in there since we moved in, basically: We keptt the boxes stashed away for the first DSS visit, but after that, they moved out while we were unpacking, and I'm pretty sure they (or boxes like them) have existed in that spot ever since.

I really want to get an aquarium set up for Christmas this year. Maybe I'll do it a couple weeks early as an early Christmas present to myself. I have all the stuff, but our tank got snagged while we were moving in, unfortunately, and I haven't gotten a new one yet.

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Keep an eye on Craigslist for used aquariums if you're looking for a glass tank, since they're absurdly overpriced in stores. I'm constantly seeing 55 gallon setups with wood stand and lighting etc for $100-$150, even out here in Reno where there are only two non-chain fish stores within a couple hundred miles. The same setup from Petsmart or a local aquarium shop will run $500+. Almost all of my tanks I've bought used off Craigslist, and have saved somewhere around $5k-$8k by doing so.

That said, I'm absolutely in love with acrylics. They're light as anything -- my old 55 gallon glass tank took two people to move, and even then neither of the people were very happy about it, while I can pick up my acrylic 55 in one hand when it's empty. They also have far-superior clarity. They do scratch more easily, but you can buff out scratches on the outside with a kit that runs ~$6 or so. Anything smaller than a 29 gallon, though, (or larger than about 120-150 gallons) and I'd stick with glass -- the thinner acrylics they use for the smaller tanks tend to be fairly fragile and prone to cracking.

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