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should i go down to dinner or eat oreos?

JessicaCMalfoy: Oh my...Oreos would be safer.
jzapper51 (4:54:00 PM): um, dinner is generally accepted...excpet you don't seem to like the food, so i dunno
ifyoubelieve6: oreos!
Seeohelee: oreos
morgan3292: oreos
melmabobber: Oreos.
melmabobber: Oreos are yummy.
Auto response from vernie84: ohh....my head hurts!
Auto response from Ozzy1208 (4:54:00 PM): Pisces: (Feb. 19 - March 20) The stars wouldn't take the risks you do, but, hey, it's your life for the next six months or so.
NightriderUIUC: you can never go wrong with oreos, but you can always go wrong with dinner
TayngoMaureen: go to dinner. definitely.
Balana Lioness: Oreos!
ChalcedonyRose: I wish I had a log

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o.O I haven't even seen you online.

Oreos are safer.

::nod nod::

It's college, thus the huge influx of drugs/achoolic (I think I just butchered that word..Gah) drinks is everywhere...

Unless you want to get stoned by the chicken...

Oy, that sounded odd.

How does my comment about wanting a chat/IM log have anything to do with your discussion about oreos?

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