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Organic peanut butter gets really hard when left in the fridge for a while. When attempting to remedy this situation using a short stint in the microwave, be aware that the stay-fresh wrapping on top of the peanut butter is made of metal, and you're more than likely to have small pieces of it still attached to the rim of the peanut butter. The result of this expedition is a wonderful blue glow and crackle, followed by wafting black smoke out of your microwave.

(It only went *pop* twice in my case, so I don't think anything was too badly damaged, but in the surreality of 3AM lunch making, everything scares the shit out of you. Also, I want to know who ate the other *four pieces* of ham that there were when I was done with making lunches yesterday morning. Sigh.)

Ah well. lunches made. Got in 2.5 hours of work after everyone was asleep, cleaned up a couple of important emails that were waiting on responses from me, and now I'll head to bed in prep for getting upi n 4 hours. Or maybe I'll stay up. I don't know. my body is not really happy with either choice...

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I tried to melt butter for mackerel pate in the microwave the other day and thought I'd save mess by putting it in there in the bottom half of my mini chopper. There was a bang. I then remembered that the spike going up that you put the chopper blade onto is made of metal... (No harm done though.)

I have never in my life put any sort of peanut butter in the fridge. It strikes me to be about as bizarre as putting, say, butter in the fridge.

The stuff was being made well before refrigeration. It's pretty good about keeping when you leave it out. In fact, that's kinda the point.

I keep butter in the fridge. It keeps longer that way.

Organic Peanut Butter has a 'Keep refrigerated after opening' on the label. I tend to follow this instructions.

We keep butter in a dish on our counter for weeks. It has never gone bad.

I don't even know how long our natural PB has been in the pantry, but it looks and smells fine to me.

that is because it will seperate otherwise. it won't go bad, but all the oil will be on top. you can just mix it back together and it'll be fine

well i mean it will go bad eventually, but not much sooner than regular peanut butter would

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