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Sophmore year at UIUC, I took an intro geography course. It was a nothing course -- easy to pass, hardly any writing, and a topic I was vaguely interested in. At the time, I didn't have a lot of interests outside web development, and to a certain extent, semantic web stuff, neither of which were very full of class material at the university at the time.

One of our sessions was a computer GIS session. We did something with some GIS software -- coloring counties based on percentage of some demographic. I finished in about a quarter of the time allotted, and spent the rest of the time talking to the relatively cool TA.

"You should really look into computer GIS stuff. There's a huge field out there."
"Oh, I'm really mostly just interested in web development stuff."
"I'm telling you, get into GIS. It's where it's at. You'll want to be there in 5 or 10 years anyway, should get ahead of the game now."

Of course, I'd never want to do anything with mapping on the web. That just wouldn't make sense.

... right?


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