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linuxy goodness
After upgrading from ubuntu hoary to debian etch on my machine, I apparently accidentally blew away my grub configuration, so the system couldn't boot. I was trying to find disks to burn a new 6.10 on, but my DVDs won't burn in the macbook, and I don't have any blank CDs... in looking for blank CDs, I did find an ubuntu 5.04 CD though. I'm now running on that. I had forgotten how much I enjoy linux on the desktop. Apple is all well and good, but sometimes I have to fight against it just a bit too much for what I do.

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You didn't have anything to boot into and chroot? Silly boy. I've got LiveCDs for Gentoo (actually, two of those - 2006.0 and 2006.1), Kubuntu and Puppy Linux sitting right next to my monitor.

And wtf...? Totally not related to anything at all, but I just heard my phone ring, so I went to get it and saw the number calling: +0000000100. I'm so very confused now.

You deleted your grub configuration, so it couldn't boot? Didn't you at least get grub cmdline?

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