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Six Flags Followup
  • Thunderbolt
  • Cyclone
  • Pandemonium
  • Flashback
  • Superman
  • Batman
  • Mind Eraser

Superman is, of course, still the best: SFNE has very few coasters with big drops. Great America had American Eagle, Shockwave, Raging Bull, Iron Wolf, and Batman which had big drops, the first three being huge. SFNE just has Superman, Batman (eh) and Mind Eraser (eh). The second two aren't direct drops, or even long drops. Superman mostly makes up for it, but there's still nothing at SFNE like American Eagle, despite there being 2 wooden coasters.

RCDB Entry for SFNE.

(I need to add Six Flags New England to the GeoParser...)

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The Cyclone wooden one at SFNE is pretty much the most fun I've ever had on a coaster. I loved that ride.

It's pretty nice. I like wooden coasters, although the line for that one was freezing cold cause the wind was still blowing.

I assume you've been to Cedar Point?

Nope. I've never wanted to be in Ohio long enough ;) It's one of those things I'd like to do 'someday', though.

Oh man, that park was so much fun when I lived back there. Of course, that was in the days before it was Six Flags (it was Riverside for years). I lived like 5 miles from it for a few years in grade school.

*nod* It's still a great park. I definitely want to try to get out more next year. I was kind of spoiled when I was living in STC: It was about an hour drive, and I usually had a weekday off, so Sarah and I would go up on a Wednesday or something like that, and there would be no lines for anything, so I tend to try to not go on weekends where I'm going to be dissapppointed.

This weekend was cold enough that most people stayed away, but it was also cold enough to not be as fun. Still, short lines are usually worth it.

:) It will always be Riverside to most of us. I can remember being 10 or so and absolutely terrified of the Thunderbolt. Looking back now...I was afraid of the Thunderbolt?

Hah -- I've never been scared of coasters, so don't recall having that reaction. I was maybe 11 or so when we moved back to NY, and really, I have more memories of the roller rink across the street from Riverside than I do of the park itself. Our Girl Scout troop had an overnight slumber party on the rink around Halloween one year. Why in the world anyone would think sleeping on a hard wood floor sounds like a great idea, I dunno.

Interesting about the roller rink...I can't place one. The only one I ever knew of in the general Hartford/Springfield area was Ron-a-Roll in Vernon, CT. Maybe it's just not there anymore?

The worst sleepover I ever had was in a library. I originally thought it would be a wonderful idea due to all the books, but trying to sleep on tile floors during a Nor'easter turned out to be an awful decision. It's hard to enjoy your Nancy Drew when you're shivering uncontrollably.

I'd be amazed if it was still there, honestly. This was back in '88 or so, but it was most definitely in Agawam, right across the street from Riverside.

At our local six flags we have Goliath which has an insanely long awesome drop. There's also X, which has an also awesome drop that you take face first at 90 degrees to the ground.

*nod* Goliath and X are both famous for being coasters of the type that I would like :) I haven't been to California for coasters though :) dropping into a mist pit is also one of the key features on that, as far as I know.

The mist pit is hard to maintain, but yeah, the first time I went on it I didn't know about the pit. We got to the top and it took ages for us to get over enough to fall, and when we did I looked down and went "Oh, shit. Where's the track?"


I went on Eagle and Bull for you plenty today! ;) I got on Raging Bull twice, both sides of Eagle, Iron Wolf, and Viper, which I'd say is good for four hours at Fright Fest when it is pretty nice outside.

Also, SHOCKWAVE. :( I miss you, Shockwave. Man, we used to go on Shockwave SO MUCH. And now it is gone.

Viper is a lot like Cyclone out here, though Cyclone goes a lot faster.

I'm just glad they haven't torn down anything good here and replaced it with a flying coaster. That ride at Great America is just piss-poor.

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