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Sigh. Why did they cancel Firefly? So annoying. Stupid Fox.

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I feel like I stepped in a time warp. :) You're just now noticing this? I'm curious what prompted this, did you just watch the DVDs?

And yes, it was a brilliant show. The movie...it was great but it did things that took it in a different direction, stuff that probably wouldn't have happened so quickly if the show hadn't been cancelled and I dunno...I like the series better even if it's only 15 eps.

Fox has a track record of cancelling shows after only a few eps, there's even a couple good shows they cancelled before it even aired but they aired the first c two or three eps anyway just to let people know what they were going to miss. Yes, stupid Fox. I hate it when I see a new show listed on Fox that looks interesting because there's little point in watching.

FX, otoh, always airs all the eps they film and I love that. They give a new show a full shot at making it so at least we don't get hooked and then dumped abruptly.

I watched Firefly for the first time about 4-6 months ago sometime. I haven't watched it again since hten, until today, and today was the first time I watched all the special features on the DVD -- it was just a kick in the gut reminder of how stupid it was to cancel such a great show.

Brilliant show, isn't it? Someone wasn't thinkin'...

i could offer my thoughts, but then everyone would hate me

My boyfriend cites the Baldwin Curse.

I -know.- I live in constant distrust of FOX after that manoeuver -- I still don't trust them to not inadvertently have a bad day and cancel House.

I was pretty hard on the series before I watched too many of them. I watched Serenity during a showing in my living room when it was so crowded with people that my angle of incidence with the tv was too great to really see anything. Someone forced me to watch some episodes a few weeks ago and I fell in love with the show.

No need to fret over its cancellation, though -- the massive volume of DVD sales will make a point to some network that picking up the series would be a good idea.

Thinking about this actually makes me angry in ways I can't explain. I'm STILL mad about it.

However, the comic is good. Its not the same, but its something.

I don't know if your a fan of Lois McMaster Bujold, but this was too good not to share with you if you are:

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