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I'm hungry. If you could eat anything in the world for breakfast, what would it be, and why?

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Blueberry pancakes from IHOP.

When I was 8 or so we went to the states. Florida to be precise. We went to IHOP one morning and I ordered this blueberry pancake thing. I had the tiniest little bit of it before I was full. I still kick myself for not eating it. So. I want to go back, order another one, and this time eat the damn thing.

Then I can put that episode behind me.

Sad, I know :p

shoot, i was going to say i wanted pancakes from ihop, too.

well, pancakes, plus sausage and eggs and hashbrowns from there. and coffee and maybe orange juice as well.

just because i haven't had ihop since about four months ago when nick and i drove to kansas. the nearest one to here is like an hour away. =\

It depends. Things I have eaten in the past that were "perfect"...

Cornbread stuffing with turkey gravy and cranberry sauce, hot.
Cold meatloaf with mustard and ketchup.
Leftover chinese food, cold, out of the takeout dishes.
Pie and coffee.
Rare steak with homefried potatoes and onions.
Rusks with aged cheese and sliced pears.
Red grapefruit with raw sugar melting into it, leftover baked brie.

It REALLY depends.

oh, damn you. I was happy with my pop-tarts, and now you've got me wanting corned beef hash :P

I have corned beef hash! But it takes forever to get it the amount of crispy that I really like it. I've wanted eggs benedict for like two weeks now. :(

Ooh. I haven't had eggs benedict in years. Not really an egg fan, but yum.

Since you phrase it that way:

This, here (the yellow awning). Because it's good (and because the location is part of what makes it good!)

Huevos rancheros.


Panda, they are vicious!

And if we started eating them, someone would figure out a way to breed them and save them.

French vanilla ice cream. Or a caramel frappuccino.

Fresh-baked, still-mooshy-in-the-middle chocolate chip cookies and a nice cold milk.

Unfortunately, I have no cookies, they make a poor breakfast anyway, AND I'm lactose intolerant. :(

Bacon. Sausage. Scrambled eggs with cheese.

Because it /tastes/ good.

right now? a blueberry eggo waffle. because they don't have waffles here

a gigantic pile of bacon, and a glass of water

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