Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Naming a computer

I have been, for the past two years or so, sticking with mythological names for the machines that I have the oppourtunity to name -- and more recently, have been trying to be alphabetical about that choice.

My webserver with Sagonet, now defunct, was Athena.
My webserver with Crucial Paradigm, which hosts dozens of websites and all my IRC connections, is bia (Greek Goddess of Force).
My previous laptop was creusa -- the second wife of Jason, killed in a fit of jealousy by the first wife. (A reminder to never let the laptop be more important than Jess.)

The new laptop is going to be disciplina -- to remind me to take damn good care of this one.

Other options high on the list were Donar, a secondary name for a germanic god of thunder, Dia, a sister of Callisto (but that one is a bit too close to 'bia' for my liking), Devara, a goddess of brooms for sweeping temples, or Davlin, a dwarf from norse mythology.

I just like disciplina best though.

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