Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Ack+ LiveJournal is in french+

Still alive. Went out to the bar last night -- the bartender who has been here all week was there (but off duty) and she and I got to talking. She speaks English (unlike most people here) and is from Birmingham, over in the UK. Her sister came to Lausanne, and she decided to come with, so she was a great benefit, since I didnàt have mz usual use of Schuyler standing over mz shoulder.

She brought me over and introduced me to Sebastion, a regular who comes in every Friday night. Sebastion only speaks French, and he immediately poured me a drink out of his bottle of Smirnoff, and told me that he was going to get me drunk.

Sebastion and I communicated throughout the evening, partiallz through the bartender, partially through Schuyler (who showed up later) and partially through hand motions and pidgen English/French. (His english, though almost nonexistant, is still waz better than my French.) He and I basically split the bottle of smirnoff that he had. As you might guess, I came home kind of drunk.

My powerbook is claiming it will take 41 hours to charge, and it seems to be accurate at the rate it's going. I guess that I'm going to be laptop-less for most of the rest of mz trip, but I've got books to read and a town to see, so that's not too bad. I do miss home way more than I have at anz point up til now.

I'm currently paying 8CHF an hour for internet access at the hostel, but it's web only, so I can't even hop online and say hi, nor can I access email in any way -- no wireless in the same place that I have power, onlz one or the other.

I'll be staying here for one more night, and then it's back through Amsterdam (Schipol) to Boston tomorrow.

I miss Jess and the kids more than I can describe. It's pretty damn crazy.

(Heh. Crayz is Crazy as typed by my qwerty fingers. Damn foreign keyboards.)

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