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Great Conference so far
Conference is going wonderful so far. There have been two "birds of a feather" sessions so far -- both of which have been led primarily by myself/Schuyler from MetaCarta, and Paul Spencer from DM Solutions -- in which we've established the end of discussions which have been going on for a very long time.

Switzerland is incredible. It's a bit rainy today, but the view is incredible. I'm still working on sorting out pictures -- sorry you all haven't seen as much as I'd like! I see mountains out my window in the morning. I love it.

I miss Jess a lot. I miss my friends a lot. I miss home. I miss the girls. I saw a little 3 year old running down the street yesterday and I realized I missed Julie so much. :(

I'm looking forward to the sessions today, but I'm almost looking more forward to the drinks at night, because that's where all the real work gets done.

I don't have a lot of online time or energy, because I don't have internet at the hotel, so I apologize for anyone I owe more to than I've been giving them.

Home on Sunday. I miss home.

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I miss you horribly.

Ali is looking forward to your return, as am I. Julianne misses you so much there really aren't words for it.

I'm not surprised you love Switzerland -- you've always loved your mountains, and from what I understand, the Alps are beyond beautiful, and far more rugged than the Rockies.

You are missed. You are very, very missed.

You are also loved. You are very, very loved.

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