Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Safe In Switzerland

I posted in my weblog, but not here -- landed safe in Switzerland, went to the hostel, checked in, got all set up at the conference, registered, etc.

I thought I had adjusted reasonably well: I woke at around 7am over London right after dawn, and my body clock seemed to cycle well. I was actually dozing off around 10pm at the bar where there was open bar tonight... but by the time I got back to the hostel an hour later, I was wide awake, and still am.

I wandered 8 blocks to find an open wifi access point, largely out of luck. Took me 10 minutes, and sapped most of my remaining battery power, so I can't chat with people, like I would normally like to. However, it is 2am, and I plan to be up and preparing to go to conference workshops around 8:30, so I should probably head back to the hostel and just get some sleep. I don't think it'll happen, but I suppose I can stare at the ceiling instead.

Flights were uneventful, day was enjoyable, open bar equally so, conversation, friends and fun definitely had, and it looks like we'll make a lot of OpenLayers progress within the community while we're here.

I'm sure the conference will go great, and I'll have more updates tomorrow, both here and in crschmidt_tech.

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