Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

New Toys

Bought about $60 worth of electronics:
* Bluetooth Dongle, since the built in BT on my mac is busted
* Battery charger for the canon, since my canon one is currently MIA
* Serial -> USB adapter, for Garmin GPS.

Assuming I find all the things that I'm replacing when I get back, it'll all get returned, but it means I can use all my gadgetry in the meantime, and I have 30 days to return it all assuming I don't break it ;)

Found the GPS charger for the pretek, which is double-plus good, means that I can do GSMLoc stuff while I'm over there, as well as doing OSM traces.

I found a bunch of metacarta lanyards and keycard thingies that I'm going to stuff in bag and give out to people: MC Logo everywhere is the goal, we'll see how well it goes.

Now, I need to get home to spend the last 2 hours I've got with Jess, then I'm leaving on a jet plane! See ya'll after I land!

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