Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


Haven't started packing yet. Oops.

  • Printouts from Schuyler
  • Passport
  • Tickets
  • Business cards
  • Bank transfer receipt for conf. payment
  • Electronics:
    • Cell Phone Charger
    • Laptop Charger
    • European adapter
    • Camera Charger
    • Camera USB Thingy
    • Garmin, extra batteries
    • Roytaltek, if i can get a power adapter
    • Laptop
    • Camera
    • Cell phone (though it won't do me a lot of good at 99cents/minute, and 35cents a text message.
    • Headphones?
  • Clothes:
    • 3 pairs khakis
    • Polos
    • Underwear, socks
    • MetaCarta swag shirts
  • VirtualPC install for Mac

Code to check out:
* OpenLayers
* GeoSearch, mcp trunk

Bring books? (Do we have anything I want to read?)

Plug in zeus, get some movies? Maybe just bring DVDs instead.

(ANd I still haven't started...)

Got a window seat on the long flights each way though! Woot! And there should be in-flight power for both places I'm sitting, though I'll have to fight with a seatmate for it. :)

Now, maybe I can get started.

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