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Wake up!
The internet is boring early on Saturday mornings. I remember learning this when I would stay up until 8am on Saturdays in college... but I'm learning it all over again now, and it's worse because I'm on the East Coast: what was 8am there is 9am here, and that extra hour made a big difference in who was up. (Naturally, that meant that I experienced the same thing I'm experiencing now at 6am, but I simply don't expect many people online at that time of the morning.)

I'm organizing my photos on a map with Flickr. I'm very impressed. They've done some really nice work with this interface -- much better than I would have expected, enough to the point that other than improving their geocoder, I can't figure out what I would do better.

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Yeah, I wish they could all add fly-over details to various areas. I've added stuff in CT, in Minnesota at the Mall of America - even placing it in the right spot based on the map of the mall :)

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