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So, uh. I'm going to Switzerland in two weeks.

I'll be presenting OpenLayers at FOSS4G. I'll be there for just shy of 7 days, in Lausanne, Switzerland -- flying from Boston through Amsterdam into Geneva and back.

I'll be representing MetaCarta while there -- discussing OpenLayers, WMS tiling, and other things related to our current goals and projects. Hopefully I can find some way to make it worth their while to send me. ;)

I've never been outside North America before. This should be interesting.

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if you meet a guy in his 20-30's from socal named jack... say hi for nico.

Very nice :D I've only spent 2 days in that side of Switzerland, and then another 12 days in Interlaken. But the whole place is very, very nice. Hope you get to see more of the place than just a conference-y type place :D

It's not always easy, and probably even less so with a family, but on my first trip to the US I arranged to spend a few extra days after the work had finished so I could play tourist. If someone's paying the air fares then take advantage of them.


Awesome. I had been to Switzerland on my honeymoon - though not Lausanne. I hope to participate in the Lausanne Marathon sometime - it's supposed to be very picturesque.

Sounds awesome. Have a great time!


Yes, that episode is kinda slow. But I like it anyway -- Picard's recovery from becoming a Borg, and I also am a sucker for any Crusher family history. *shrug*

...and...er...I didn't know that from just the title....*shifty eyes*

How exciting! You should try to stay in Amsterdam for a bit on the way back haha.

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