Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

house moving help

If it were not for camieal i would not be in half as wonderful of a place mentally as I am right now. Her and her boyfriend have turned my feelings on moving from suck to practically wonderful. They have built furniture, unpacked boxes, *cleaned bathrooms*, read stories, removed splinters, shared food, and generally done all the things that I should have been doing but can't because I have 17 million other things going on around them.

Becuase of their help, my house is 75% unpacked, when I haven't even finished packing the old place yet.

We've also had help from ilzybth and her Chris, lj-user kryst-something that Jess knows, idonotlikepeas, and Schuyler and Jo.. So thanks to all of them. But those two have been an absolute lifesaver, and I want to thank them a million times for it.

Still one more day of stuff moving tomorrow, hopefully: kitchen, bathrooms, attic. After that, we will hpefully be done done done.
Tags: allston st., friends, moving
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