Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


TV stand is all wired up. Playstation and Gamecube plugged in, and wired through the back, dvd player and vcr hooked up, cable box hooked up. Need a slightly longer cable (extension) so we can run it tight against the door frame and not have it show so much, but right now it all works and it's all hidden, which is really nice: the ikea thing that jess bought for it is really incredible. Drawers with little dividery things, so the video gam systems and controllers can be well hidden from the view of the world. I'm quite happy with how ell it worked out. this thing. for the ikea people.

the living room is coming together. Next steps are emptying out bathrooms, attic, kitchen, and closet from the old house, and then working on getting all the clothes back into the right places -- right now they're all in garbage bags, which is not so good for getting dressed :)

Still no DSL. Thank you Verizon. Wiereless can only be stolen from the front stoop, so I'm not going to be online much this weekend. Which sucks, as I'm behind on work. Oh well. I'll live.

More nap now, I think.
Tags: allston st., moving

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