Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

yesterday, long day

Long day yesterday. Woke up relatively early, bummed around and cleaned up the house, then went to get our man in Lisbon from the train station. (Erik is a Chicago-born half-french world traveller, currently living in Spain, who works for MetaCarta.) Schuyler and I went together and talked a bit about the linguistics behind creating relatively useful chatter bots -- something about useful chatter being informative, relevant, concise, and truthful. It was an interesting look into the whole linguistic world that I know nothing about :)

We took Erik and Phil around and did touristy things yesterday. Boston Common, wandering down by the River, lunch at the field, dinner at Gonza Japanese restaurant. Overall, it was a really exhausting day, but I could not have asked for more beautiful weather in which to see the city. It was quite awesome for it.

Ikea furniture is being assembled today by a furniture assembly guy. He's going to take about 30 minutes per piece. How is that possible? it takes me about two hours per piece, at a low estimate. :p

Lack of internet at the house has had me updating less and online less in general. Speakeasy is supposed to be set up at the new place on Friday. We'll see -- I'm not holding my breath after the 4 week clusterfuck last time.

I'm sleepy. Not in a bad way, but just in a "too much energy spent on real life" kind of way, which is nice. I'm worried about some hings (cough money cough) , but it's always worked out until now, so hopefully it'll continue to work out.

Life is good. I miss people online, but not enough to skimp on the time I have with the people here while I have it.


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