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apple keyboards
so, you should be able to hit the caps lock. Then hold down the shift key. and alternate between hitting ^ and v. and get a nifty wave pattern. I learned this in Yahoo chatrooms in 1996. But today, I tried to repeat that with my mac, and I got SHAFTED.

Apparently, Apple broke this fundamental aspect of typing: shift key with caps lock on does *not* un-caps lock the key.

This is so broken I want to cry. Shame on you apple, shame on you! A plague on both your houses!

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bUT iT sTOPS pEOPLE tYPING lIKE tHIS, which is retarded in itself.

Technically, the computer broke the fundamental aspect of typing-- on typewriters, the shift key cancels caps lock altogether.

However, now that we're all used to the way these newfangled computers do things... why would Apple muck with it?

Why, Apple? Why? WWHHHHYYYYY??

Seriously, I'm baffled by this.

I know nothing about this "fix," except that it exists:

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