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More ask me anything from more than a year ago.
luxtiger -- Dear Chris, Why are you so awesome?

At the time, I don't think I was that awesome. In the year since the question was asked, I've changed a lot -- I'm no longer the same person, or even close to it, as I was when I was a peon working at wedü. I've learned to trust myself, I've learned a lot about business, and a lot about the world.

The reason that I've gotten that way is mostly due to an improved confidence level, and that improved confidence level came primarily through the last year of being told that I was really pretty great by lots of people -- Jess, Kristan, other communists... employers, coworkers, journalists. Once you're told that you're really pretty damn good enough, it starts to sink in.

Up until that point in time, my 'awesome' as you call it was mostly demonstrated in the fact that I was more nice than most other people. I've put other people first, I always have, because that's just seemed like the right thing.

Also, I'm beautiful. That helps. ;)

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Haha... that's hilarious.

It also reminds me of the Strongbad email that first caused me to write it.

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