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For most of the year, I've been trying to make 1 post per day, either here or in technical ramblings. I've been making relatively decent progress on that. It was part of the 'post more' New Year's Resolution.

Up until Frank, that is. Since the new jabber bot on the 10th, I've posted 24 times in 9 days -- an average of almost 3 a day.

I never realized how big of an effect having a handy bot like that would have. It's one of the first things I think about in the morning now, since Frank is near the top of my buddy list. So, to whoever hacked this together: Thanks. You've helped me make at least one of my resolutions come true.

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(Deleted comment)
I don't have that problem -- at least, not that I've noticed. It's only disconnected me twice in the past week that I've noticed.

What is this Frank and how do I get one please? Can I name him Joe instead?


Sign onto LJabber, and there's a "Goat" entry. You can edit his displayed name to be whatever you want :) And then you can post via him!

*smacks forehead* That Frank! I only recently started using My LJ and I noticed Frank but removed him from the page without really paying attention. Thanks! and that question, "I don't want to use yet another IM system! Can't you just make this all work with my __________ (AIM / MSN / Yahoo)?", that's my kvetch too! silly people can't seem to understand that if they'd open up, they'd all get *more*, not less!

(Deleted comment)
That is a bit unfair, i spent most of the time sitting next to him co-hacking ;)

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