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Craigslist post of new apartment
The new apartment is still listed on craigslist for the time being: http://boston.craigslist.org/fee/182924046.html

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It looks gorgeous, both inside and out.

Those are some gorgeous wooden floors.

It looks really nice. What's the new address? (Or, "3 blocks in which direction?" if you don't want that posted here.)

the gmaps link is pretty good -- it's a couple houses down from that. I don't know the actual address on Allston though :) 236 or 246 or something like that.

Nice. I think you'll be the same walking distance from my dorm as you are now :)

Allston! I have another friend living there, too! She's posted pics of her house and neighborhood and it looks wonderful. I envy you the hardwood floor!

but yikes! I don't envy you the rent! Three bedroom houses near downtown in yuppie-fied areas go for about 2/3 of that here.

Heh. It's about 30% less than we're paying now, so it's a significant drop -- and the location means that we should be able to keep doing what we currently are for the Erie St. Landlord -- that is, being the 'man on the spot' for repairs and stuff, cause she's old and lives far away. So that means that the rent is about $2100 after taking that into consideration. If we were willing to move 6 blocks south, we could get something down in the high $1800-low $1900 range, but the location here really matters, since the area is where the girls friends go to the park and stuff like that. So we just went with it -- and we'll make do somehow.

Note that 'allston' in this case is 'allston st., Cambridge' not the town of Allston :)

oic! hmmm, not sure if she was on Allston st. or in Allston town - she worked at Radcliffe for a time and is still in the Boston area. I'll have to check and see...

Wow, cool. Looks a lot like the place I used to share with Allyson, though your floors are in much better shape.

I can only hope their apartment manager/landlord is better.

Floors are gorgeous. Is the upstairs neighbor ok (or is that the landlord?)

It's not the landlord. Don't know how they are, but the place was too good to pass up.

Hey Chris - it's Traci - new username - Add me?

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