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We've got an apartment for next year (assuming all goes as planned). Gorgeous, just redone hardwood floors, laundry hookups in the basement that the landlord is going to let us use, really bright place, just repainted. Has a dishwasher, 1.5 baths, and is only about two blocks from our current place, for about 30% less. Location's the killer, and this one is not too bad -- we'll still be able to make Dana Park, and it's also got enough yard space that we should be able to tear out the tons of weeds we've got right now and get some nice greenspace in the front.

It can use some TLC on the outside, but the inside is pure gold. Not the biggest bedrooms in the world, but hey, you can't have everything.

Move in date scheduled for Aug 1, which means we'll have two weeks to move, and two weeks for our current landlord to clean up the place. The lead time will be great -- and the new place has a ton of basement storage. No more climbing up into the attic, and I'm hoping we can make some space down there for the kids to chill out and play maybe. It'll take a fair bit of cleaning, and some new lighting, but it should be interesting -- it feels like this place is a lot less 'pre-made' than our current one, which gives us the opportunity to get out there and fix up the bits we don't like.

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