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House Hunting
House hunting is hard. It's possible to get what we want, for the price we want, but not where we want it. It's disappointing that moving north 6 blocks increases the monthly rent by $400.

Checked out a place on the other side of the block -- it wasn't really nice enough. Checked out a place down by the BU Bridge rotary: it was nice, and a great price... but it puts us 6 blocks further from Central, which puts us at the whim of the 47 for getting there, really. It also puts us about a half mile from the park the girls have been going to, which is a bit of a ways to walk with small children.

Going to look at a few more today. The good thing is that although we need to compromise, we probably will find *something*, and the places we're seeing are not bad at all, and mostly by-owner, which saves both on fees, and means we meet the landlord before we move in, both benefits.

We're looking at some with realtors later today, apparently. I've also got to make an appearance at the office. Pretty dull sounding day, really.


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