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More Emmy
Emmy is in the hospital overnight. Her finger is still getting worse despite oxycontin. She's got a team of plastic surgery residents, and they've got the specialist who wants her kept for 24 hours, at which point they'll decide if she should have surgery on it or not.

If she does have surgery on it, they'll open her finger up, and do their best to clean it out.

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I'm glad it sounds like she's where she needs to be for the best for her finger.

I hope she's recovered soon!

I hope you can have a little peace too...

How's she doing? Did they have to operate?

Cat bites can be really bad, all that bacteria in their mouths, iirc. My brother worked at a vet in HS and got badly bitten and clawed by a freaked out cat all over both his hands and arms, spent days in the hospital with salt water pacs on his hands and still has one numb area on one thumb from the worst bite.

I hope she's all better!

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