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Things are a bit better with me. Night time is way more depressing because that's the time i always used to spend with sarah. Now, I dont' get to spend it with sarah and it makes me realize how much i miss her. Of course, i'm one of the lucky ones, i've got friends who are coming to this school. A couple of people i know are all alone, and one says she hasnt' made any friends at all. I guess noe fo the plusses of living in allen is that i HAVe made a lot of friends... i just still want my old friends back. They seemed way cooler. *sigh* I guess I'll have to live.

I'm trying to decide if I should do a UIUC layout. Oh, and I have decided that I will NEED a new paid account when this one runs out. I couldn't bear the slowness of the site if i didn't.

*thinks thinks* I think that's it. I'm gonna try and go help danny move into his dorm today. Trying to decide if i feeling like going to the volunteer projects at Busey woods.

Getting better at talking to sergio. He's getting better at reading lips, and i'm getting better at not shouting, since that doesn't help at all. :)

I miss sarah.

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