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Morning world.

I'm really not looking forward to the wonderful world of Cambridge apartment hunting again. There's too much scum doing realty on the streets of Cambridge. Craigslist has at least completely changed the game, but that doesn't mean that realtors are any less scummy.

There are some good people out there. Companies who have employees that are really trying to help people get a better place to rent, rather than trying to make as much money as possible. It's reassuring to know that not everyone is simply out to make a quick buck.

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My girlfriend and her roommates were recently scammed by a realtor they found on Craigslist. I think they reported him, and you're probably not looking for 4 bedrooms in Inman anyway, but yeah. It's frustrating.

We had success with Apartment Rental Experts - specifically, our agent, Matthew. He's been fantastic. He's out of the office til Monday but I recommend him.

Also, I have friends who really loved John Lowenstein at Red Line Realty. He didn't have as many places in our price range as ARE did, though. We found ARE through Craigslist. But basically all their agents have access to all their apartments so there's a lot to be said for simply picking an agent and talkign to them. Our apt is half-fee, and it seems that's the new trend - unlike the last time I was looking and all the by-relator places were full-fee.

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