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Carnival Workers
21:42:30 < skrolnik> chris: both your brothers were carnies??
21:42:35 < crschmidt> skrolnik: yep
21:42:33 < remark> carnie-carnie-wired magazine
21:42:44 < remark> it's like sesame street's "which one doesn't belong?" all over again

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See the topic of the post :)

Dave and Tony both worked on one of the attractions at a carnival, moving around with it from place to place working the attraction. In this case, it was a 'moon bounce' type thing, where the person gets hooked up to a harness and then gets to bounce up and down on a giant air-pad -- D&T were the workers that would strap them in, and so on.

Oh, just kidding! Haha, I should really work on that subject-line-reading thing.

Carnival Workers

Hey i am also a Carney ( carnival worker ) I have been with this company now for 14 years i guess i must like the work other wise i know i would not be comming back each and every year. So far i have been in this business for 28 years and the company I'm with now i probably
will remain here till the day comes if they ever give up there business.

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