Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Portland Trip

Portland was decent, although I didn't see much of it. In my 72 hour trip, I was:
  • Working for 36 hours
  • Travelling for 24 hours
  • Sleeping for about 12 hours

As you might guess, this doesn't leave a lot of free time.

Still, I got to meet my boss and coworkers for the first time, and that changed a lot of the way that I thought about the company. We were also able to work together to achieve a lot more than we might have otherwise: Being there for the hackathon was definitely a good decision.

A couple nice things about Portland:
* Free Wifi everywhere. I mentioned this in another post, but it's really nice. the Personal Telco Project seems to be really pervasive, and has done well at overpowering the starbucks locations in order to provide people a free service.
* Fast, on time Light Rail. On-time public transportation is a very strange concept to me, living in Boston, where '30 minutes late' is still considered on time.
* Atmosphere. It's kind of like a cross between a big city and a suburb: Lots of things to do, culture, etc. but not such that you feel like you're in a big city: It's just a large sized, small city.
* People. This is partially fitting into the above, but it's still important to mention that the people in Portland were all really nice to me when I talked to them. I suppose having a town fill of 'god-damn hippies!' will do that.
* Weather. Despite what native portlanders will tell you, it's nicer in Portland than in Seattle. Any attempts to tell you otherwise are really just attempts to get you to stay out of their city. Now I've told their secret and everyone's going to flock to the other coast. :)

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